‘resolute in the face of adversity’

Journalists uncover the chain of responsibility behind the Grenfell disaster.

Rob Davies unearthed significant issues in the management and supply chain on the day of the fire.
On the safety side Robert Booth, Ian Sample, David Pegg and Holly Watt from the same paper refer to a report published recently citing similar fires in 1991 and 1999.
“One of the most significant of the historical fires is the 1991 fire in Knowsley Heights; a residential block of flats which had been refurbished with the addition of thermal insulation to the external walls of the block. The fire started externally to the block and ignited the combustible cladding system, resulting in extensive fire spread across the face of the building (mostly upwards). Although this was not the first incident of its kind, it raised many concerns and resulted in a change to the test methods used for external cladding systems, namely the introduction of a full-scale fire test method (similar to the BS 8414 test series [7] and [8]). However, BS 8414-1 (for non-loadbearing external cladding systems) was not published until 2003 as an accompaniment to the second edition of BR 135 [9]; this was following a review of guidance in this area instigated by a fatal fire at Garnock Court, Irvine in June 1999.”

David Lammy a London MP has raised the possibility of criminal negligence.

A letter to the Guardian from a local resident.

Grant Feller a journalist who has worked in the area during the last 30 years recalls the difficulties reporting on the problems experienced by residents over the years.

The last Mayor of London and now Foreign Secretary

Conspicuous in every way from when he cajoled his way to head the Oxford union or conspired to have a journalist beaten up, Boris Johnson has no scruples to restrain his narcissism. Did he significantly reduce the number of firefighters and fire stations when he was Mayor of London?

The Fire Brigades Union has published this on their web site.
The writer has heard and read this from the media. That there are only 500 firefighters in the Greater London area that they are also responsible for checking for fire safety when they have an opportunity between fighting fires. They are not responsible for any form of certification when a building is built or refurbished. They do make recommendations to landlords that are apparently often not carried out.
These are the people who would have to deal with effects of independant certification, badly implement regulations and overlooked safety measures by risking their lives.